Capture the knowledge and experience of your team for better decision making

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Minimize the cost and the pain of making a bad decision

yDecision provides an interface that improves the decision making process. You capture the pros/cons, enlightening perspectives, and the key factors you may not have considered. yDecision leads you away from the wrong choices.

Leverage the knowledge and experience of others

Someone you know probably has information that can help you converge on a better decision. Invite them to see what you are thinking and share their experience. These valuable insights build confidence in committing to the right choice.

Never forget a decision

Easily look up past decisions, the thought processes behind them, and the reasons why you made them. Share this knowledge with your teams, reference for future decisions, or review for accountability. Apply the lessons learned and improve your next important decision!

Minimize emotions & politics

FUD (fear-uncertainty-doubt) is less effective when exposed.

Share, Record, Vote

Consider the knowledge, experience & position of each member of the team.

Improve team synergy

Participate, collaborate, and get to know your team members.

Total Recall

Search and get total recall of your prior decisions.

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